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Andumika (Houyoshi Ando)

Date of birth: 1975.12.8

Height: 143 cm

After working as a designer and dancer, he became a trainer in 2008.

Active as an instructor in choreography, body makeup, body adjustment, and posing.

It is an original training method and has been featured in many media.

Published an exercise DVD "Sexy Workout" that summarizes the dance movements that have returned the body that has become extremely fat in overseas life to a dancer's body shape without difficulty. In addition, he has five books as a writer of love books.

From the history of improving knee pain that was said to be curable only by surgery and back pain for many years by training, I will investigate the cause of the pain and find a way to improve it.

Originally, there was a short stature of 143 cm and a strong complex, so I wasn't confident, but now I'm facing the "how to attract and accept myself", and now as a counselor, I'm close to women's worries.

It has been 6 years since he started his own studio at Sangenjaya in Tokyo.
Currently immigrated to Okinawa.



・ Personal stretch trainer

Tokyu Sports Oasis Co., Ltd.

・ Thai traditional massage

・ Oil lymphatic massage


・ Diet instructor

・ Medical herb therapist

Cabinet Office Certified Japan Capacity Development Promotion Association

・ Basic Seven

Japan Core Conditioning Association


◇ Andumika history

It's extremely long, so please read it when you have too much time (laughs)

3DCG, WEB designer, online content, shooting model, show dancer, GOGO dancer, pole dancer, choreographer, model agency management, Miss Caba, dance instructor, fitness instructor, personal trainer, writer, column writer, counselor, fitness studio management etc.


Raised in the countryside of Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture, moved to Tokyo at the age of 20.

From a designer, a dancer in his late 20s, started a classroom at the age of 31, started a studio at the age of 40, and moved to Okinawa at the age of 45.

<Flow of own change>

Looking like this, I spend my childhood without confidence.

I'm short stature, but maybe because of the good environment or Noh weather, I'm blessed with friendly friends without bullying.

My family thought I was a strange child.

After entering the dormitory in high school and leaving his parents' house, he made efforts little by little from that time and tried to release himself while spinning.

A child who has become a member of society and is free to fly from the side, but he is still not confident in his heart.

As you become a dancer and dance with tall and preeminent foreign dancers, you will be shocked to find out your own charm!

I quit "comparing with others" and became myself who seemed to be okay even if I was laughed at, and the world changed further, including my own classroom.

After overcoming the hardships, I will experience for myself that there was nothing wasted, including in the past.

I still find it a little difficult to live, so I study ADHD and AC and improve my counseling skills.

* Since I knew that liberation of my heart would be a liberation and an opportunity for my life, I started a classroom at the age of 31 and wrote a book, and I have been writing books since I wanted to be an opportunity to push the backs of people who are also suffering.

<Work involved>

3DCG designer, GAME development of Sony PlayStation (work of SME and SEGA) 3DCG and synthesis of major TV commercials.

WEB designers, EC sites, etc.

Due to the large number of connections, I take a job and give it to other designers, something like a direction.

I'm not good at the useless rules of the company, so I started a side job while working as a freelance designer.

A company employee on weekdays for a while, and a model for a photo session and a professional photographer on weekends.

Started model production with a transsexual friend, and dispatched models to major late-night programs and posters of Kishidan.

A lot of dancing at gal events with drag queens and our model in promotion of SME's outside sauce.

Radio personality (trance club music program).

Take charge of the program with a gay friend on a podcast.

AV actress scouts so far refuse all 20 or more w

Underground column writer in Tokyo Sports 3 years, there are many infiltration type columns that only go to interviews at suspicious stores.

Miss Kyaba for several months at a shop between the Kyaba and the club. I quarrel with customers and get angry at the store manager.

Launched a gay MIX club event and became famous temporarily in the 2-chome area.

For some reason, I audition for the legendary pole dance show club, gravure.

Enter the show dancer's office. Earn money all over Japan at floor shows (like burlesque).

GOGO dancer. Active in various clubs from corporate events.

At Japan's largest fetish event, the staff will learn the knowledge of event and show composition for several years.

A little life in Hawaii for a year. Live playing with student VISA.

Earn pocket money as a dancer in Australia during a round-the-world backpacker trip.

Obtained Thai traditional massage qualification in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Become a fire dancer. In addition to the club, he has appeared in music events / martial arts events / music videos for musicians.

Rent a place and start a classroom!

The work of the choreographer will increase.

Several groups of underground idols / Mature idol "Kemono-michi" / Strip theater / Customs that require dancing skills? etc

Appeared on TV several times with exercises incorporating sexy dance moves.

Published the popular book "Mote Gessa 99". It is featured in the media by several entertainers.

Appeared as a beautiful witch in the program "Witches at 22:00"

At the Kadokawa booth at the "Nico Nico Chokaigi", a popular gesture lecture was a big hit.

Cultural person belonging to the entertainment agency K Dash Stage

Six books (exercise DVD / popular book / self-development book for women) will be translated and published overseas.

More column work. Magazine and TV coverage will increase.

Women's popular course & joint party planning (makeup course available).

A company that makes a man at a dating agency a popular man asks for a man's body make-up.

Work as a counselor counselor over the phone (currently 2 companies are registered).

Take lessons at Conrad Hotel and Hiroo's luxury gym.

Started martial arts such as kickboxing / Krav Maga.

Started a little activity to spread self-defense for small people and children.

Operates his own fitness studio in Setagaya. It becomes popular with entertainers, models and Setagaya Madam.

Closed the studio in Corona and moved to Okinawa!


Swimming, skin diving, scuba diving, indoor skydiving, SUP, surfing bite ...


My parents' house is a practitioner from my grandfather's generation

Father: Vice Chairman of the Medical Association He also serves as a police doctor and is commended by the Chiba Prefectural Police as a coroner for many years.

The maternal grandmother is the descent of the imperial family. Both paternal and maternal grandmothers prefer tea ceremony / flower ceremony / calligraphy.

His maternal grandfather receives three medals from His Majesty the Emperor for his administrative and general affairs work.

Learned the violin from the age of 5, and banned part-time work when he was a student. There is still a curfew when I return to my parents' house.

When I was a junior college, I opened my pierced earrings, my mother cried, and my father was so angry that he was a serious and hard house.


Since I was a child, my body was small and weak. With zero motor nerves, physical education performance is 1 or 2.

I still can't ride my bicycle. Trainer for some reason now.

Whether it's because of height or the environment, I'm not confident in myself and always care about the eyes.

My hobby is drawing (I have an Instagram drawing account)

When life in Tokyo becomes stuffy, he carries diving equipment and travels around the islands of Thailand.

If you touch the body of a person who is a little sick, your arm will hurt, but you can copy the pain in the person's body and find a way to cure it.

When you learn Reiki and have a strong spirit, you can clearly see the feeling of "touching" your mind.

<Love Itinerary>

There are several ex-boyfriends who are somehow celebrities in the entertainment industry and the television industry.

I refuse all more than 10 talks about mistress contracts from directors of a famous company.

I have a lot of romance with foreigners.

Married to the same sex abroad when he was bisexual (marriage has not continued)

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