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Maintain even if you don't keep going

At a general gym, people say, "You can't maintain your body unless you keep going!", But it's impossible to go somewhere for the rest of your life.

Here, we will tell you what you can do at home and the safe way you need to do it individually.
Bring it to the point where it can be incorporated into your lifestyle.

You can't just train

Just training does not make your body beautiful and perform well.
Muscle tension and physical habits can cause toughness, swelling, and pain, and can make your body hard to lose weight.

We will tell you the correct way to "unravel and loosen" and aim to create a more comfortable and comfortable body.

Making a feminine body

Even if you're in good shape with sports or other gym training, you can still have a feminine and supple body.
The chest and buttocks are raised round, including the shape of the lower body that you are giving up, and heavy weights are not used to create a sharp body, so you can become a beautiful body more easily than general gym training.

Little by little from sober movements

At our studio, regardless of whether you have exercise experience or not, we will carefully check each one until you can properly use the inner muscle that is the basis of your body. In the long run, we will build the base muscles that will support your body later and make you healthy and hard to gain weight.
Approach not only diet and body make-up, but also muscles that prepare the body.

You don't have to be stoic to get results

Most people seem to wonder, "Is this level of exercise all right?" There are individual differences such as the period, but the results will be obtained.
Exercise and diet management are meaningless unless you can continue without difficulty, so even if you find it a little difficult to get used to, you will get results as long as you get used to it and can continue. We will work together to find a method that is not overwhelming both physically and mentally.

I also value chat

From the chat, we will learn about the customer's worries and physical condition, what kind of method they can enjoy, what they are not good at and what they like, and create original training content tailored to each individual.
Also, I feel that the relationship of trust between the customer and the trainer is a very important factor, so please talk about your daily complaints and fun things in order to proceed correctly and safely ♪

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