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Personal Training

Online lessons / face-to-face lessons
Face-to-face lessons will be held indoors or on the beach in Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture!
(Men only on the beach. It will be 1000 yen plus.)

famouse trainer came to Okinawa from Tokyo!

​calisthenics (no use training maachine)

ダイエット、ヒップアップ、バストアップ 等
Diet, Butt workout, Breast-enlarging etc...

<Recommended for people like this>
・ I just want to tighten my body!
・ I have failed in all my diets.
・ I think it is impossible to improve my body shape.
・ Repeat to lose weight and gain weight.
・ Mental weakness.
・ There are painful areas such as back pain and knees.
・ I don't feel like I can manage my diet.

・ For a stiff and muscular body in hobby sports.

<This effect has been achieved>
・ I can now praise my skin.
・ Body fat percentage -7.5% in 2 months! !!
・ The warped lower back was healed and the back pain was improved.
・ The stiff shoulders have disappeared.
・ Even though I had severe constipation, I should come out every day.
-The flat and square butt has become a round and taut butt!
・ Thanks to the support, I got used to the dietary management that I thought was impossible.

・ The muscular body has become slender, and the score of sports has improved!

This training is not something you have to keep going!

In the first two months, you'll lay the groundwork for your body to be in the best possible condition and gradually get used to your lifestyle.
So, it doesn't end in 2 months, but it leads to "a state where you can control it" in 2 months.
After the diet course, we will gradually reduce the pace of attendance while helping to prevent rebound.

* Click here for the impressions of the experiencers >>

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