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Pelvic floor muscle group training (one-on-one with ZOOM)

A muscle group that all women can train and do not lose!

If you have any of the following symptoms, please contact us.

・ Menstruation is heavy and menstrual pain is severe.

・ If you have uterine fibroids.

・ Urine leaks, water comes in in the bathtub, etc.

・ I have sexual pain.

・ Plump in the lower abdomen, coldness and edema in the lower body.

<The reason for the development of training>

Previously, for those who went to the hospital for sexual pain, a urology teacher at the medical college and a counselor teacher started a sexual pain improvement project, and 3 groups participated as monitors. .. In 5 lessons in 2 months, almost all of them saw changes in vaginal thickness, and many of them actually felt the changes in their bodies, demonstrating the effectiveness of the training.

<Impressions of practitioners>

・ Urine leakage has completely healed! (53 years old)

Previously, I couldn't go out without a big urine leak pad, and I could only wear clothes that wouldn't make the pad sound. After training, I was able to go on a long cruise ship trip that I had enjoyed visibly and without a urine leak pad.

・ My period has become easier! (37 years old)

I had uterine fibroids, and although I had severe pain and bleeding every time I had my period, my period pain was alleviated and bleeding became much easier.

It seems that there are cases where myomas have become smaller due to training of the pelvic floor muscles, so I will continue training.


<What kind of content? >

You can lie on your back, sit on a soft ball (pillows or cushions are ok), or stand.

In various states, we will focus on the pelvic floor muscles and strengthen the related muscles.

There are differences in movement and consciousness from beginner to advanced, but there are considerable individual differences in sensation, so it is important to try comfortably and patiently, no matter where you start.

It gently and quietly focuses on the muscles inside the body, so when viewed from the side, it feels like meditating.

Since it is not the muscle of the touching part such as the abdominal muscle, voice navigation is the main. So online lessons are the best without being noticed! !!

<When the pelvic floor muscles are lowered ...>

The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that are attached to the bottom of the pelvis (at the other side) in a hammock shape.

This hammock-like muscle supports the uterus and internal organs. When it loosens and lowers, the uterus also lowers, the internal organs lower, the pelvis opens, causing swelling and coldness in the lower body, lumpiness in the lower abdomen, and an increased risk of diseases around the uterus.

Train the muscles that support your internal organs and create a healthy and functional state from within your body!

[Pelvic floor muscle training 5-week trial]

1: Counseling will be provided.

Please tell us your symptoms.

We will tell you how to direct your consciousness on ZOOM.

Perform steps 2: 1-5 once a week.

3: I will answer the question.

Please send your question on LINE. (Up to twice a week)

60 minutes lesson x 5 times

¥ 20,000 (Trial price)

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