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Q & A

Q: How do you do online lessons?

A: I use "ZOOM".

Even if you are not used to using it, you can give a lecture, so it's okay!

Q: How many minutes before can I enter the room online?

A: The trainer will appear on the screen 5 minutes before the lesson starts. There is no waiting room setting, so you can wait for minutes before!

Q: What if I can't use up my tickets in 3 months?

A: We do not refund the rest.

Please purchase as many times as you can use up.

Q: Do you need training wear?

A: Yes.

Sweat. In addition, it is easier to check the form if you wear clothes that clearly show your body line.

Q: Can I use a credit card?

A: No.

Currently, only bank transfer and PayPay are available.

Q: Is it okay to have tattoos or body piercings?

A: All right. There is no problem as long as the wound is completely healed.

Q: Is it possible to charter lessons with friends?

A: Yes, it is possible.

Please let us know the number of people, your desired content, and your desired date and time. We will tell you the price etc. from here.

If you are online, please be alone on one screen.

Q: Can I ask questions before booking?

A: Of course!

Please feel free to ask questions from the LINE official ♪












・ About cancellation on the day

Please note that if you do not contact us by 14:00 the day before, you will be charged for one time. (Excluding natural disasters)

・ Please be sure not to overdo it.

If you are not feeling well, please contact us immediately.

If you feel any pain during the lesson, please tell the trainer at any time.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask any questions ♪

💌 Feel free to contact LINE if you have any questions

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