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For personal training, go to [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] in Sangenjaya

-It is recommended to get a good night's sleep after exercising-

For personal training, go to Sangenjaya's [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] -It is recommended to get a good night's sleep after exercising-

It is recommended to get a good night's sleep after exercising

At [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA], which is exclusively for women in Sangenjaya, we offer personal training with menus suitable for each. Whether it's group lessons or personal training, we recommend getting a good night's sleep after exercising. Sleep has a role in relieving fatigue.

It is also important to be aware of the “quality” of sleep, especially after exercising, as it is necessary to promote muscle recovery. During sleep, our body activates its ability to expel fatigue substances. It also increases growth hormone production and repairs muscles damaged by training.

A good night's sleep is essential for recovery from fatigue and muscle repair. If you have trouble falling asleep or waking up many times in the middle of the night, your sleep quality may deteriorate, so start by reviewing your lifestyle.

If you go to bed late, you may not be able to wake up the next morning, but it is not good to sleep as it is. Get up at the same time as usual to adjust your daily rhythm. Please pay attention to the quality of sleep so that you can heal your tiredness after exercising.

For personal training, go to Sangenjaya's [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] -Please contact us for fees and lesson content-

If you are looking for lessons for women who are busy every day, please come to [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA], where you can do personal training at Sangenjaya.

Since we propose lessons according to the customer's condition and purpose, it can be used by various people such as those who are not good at exercising or who want to improve their physical strength. Please contact us for details such as fees and lesson contents.

Moderate exercise is also important to improve sleep quality!

If you are tired and have difficulty falling asleep, why not incorporate exercise into your daily life? At [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA], where personal training is conducted at Sangenjaya, we provide reasonable training tailored to each individual's pace.

Exercise also leads to quality sleep. Exercise warms your body and helps you sleep better, and it also helps relieve stress, so it's recommended for busy people.

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If you want to use personal training at Sangenjaya [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA]

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