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If you want to experience personal training at Sangenjaya, go to [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] for women only! -Why personal training is so popular-

If you want to experience personal training at Sangenjaya, go to [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] for women only! -Why personal training is so popular-

Why personal training is so popular

If you are considering using personal training at Sangenjaya, please come to [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA]. At [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA], we offer lessons exclusively for women, and we propose menus that meet the lifestyles and wishes of our customers. The quality of training is the reason why personal training is so popular.

In a general fitness gym, it is the mainstream to participate in one lesson more than once and move the body according to the movement of the trainer. There are lessons in which each form is checked and taught as needed, but it is often less than half of the lesson in terms of time.

On the other hand, personal training is taught one-on-one by the trainer from the beginning, so you can always be aware of the correct form when training.

In addition, the speed of achieving the goal is different because the training content is decided after first analyzing the numerical values such as weight and body fat in detail and asking for specific wishes. The training content can be flexibly adapted to the physical condition and physical changes of the day, and you can aim to build your body and maintain your health without difficulty. Please try personal training at [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] in Sangenjaya.

Let's experience Sangenjaya's personal training-Reliable because it is limited to women! ~

[FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] to carry out the fitness of lessons in Sangenjaya is a woman limited gym of small classes. Why don't you aim to improve the style of your waist, hips and other areas of concern with the original lessons? Even beginners with no fitness experience can participate in this lesson without difficulty. Trial lessons are also available, so if you are interested, please use them.


[FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] lessons are also recommended for alleviating female-specific disorders. If you have problems unique to women, such as troubles due to hormonal imbalance, dyspareunia, urine leakage, and postpartum style, please try it.

For those with small children, we are waiting for lessons that can be attended with children.

Useful information for [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA]

If you want to use personal training at Sangenjaya [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA]

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701 Palais Grace, 2-55-8 Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0024


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