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Fitness is at [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] in Sangenjaya! Small group lessons for beginners-What is Inner Muscle? ~

Fitness is at [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] in Sangenjaya! Small group lessons for beginners-What is Inner Muscle? ~

About inner muscle

I have a loose upper arm, a big belly, and I have no confidence in my back. If you have such a problem, please come to [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA], where you can take fitness lessons at Sangenjaya.

Let's train the inner muscle while moving the body happily and aim for style up. Inner muscle is a muscle that not only those who want to lose weight but also those who want to be aware of their health.

There are different types of muscles in our body, one is "outer muscle" and the other is "inner muscle". The outer muscle, also known as the "white muscle," is a muscle attached to the outside of the body and can be trained by anaerobic exercise like muscle training. On the other hand, the inner muscle called "red muscle" is a muscle that is mainly trained by aerobic exercise. It has the role of maintaining posture, and by training it becomes a body that is easy to lose weight.

Inner muscles are difficult to be aware of because they are attached to the inside of the body and must be practiced in the correct form when training. [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA], which offers fitness lessons for women at Sangenjaya, is looking for people who want to move their bodies happily and train their inner muscles. The lessons are conscious of proper movements, and the contents can be practiced at home. If you find it difficult to attend in the long term, please try it.

With a small number of people, even beginners can start without difficulty! Let's start your fitness life at Sangenjaya!

[FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] to carry out the fitness of lessons in Sangenjaya is a woman limited gym of small classes. Why don't you aim to improve the style of your waist, hips and other areas of concern with the original lessons? Even beginners with no fitness experience can participate in this lesson without difficulty. Trial lessons are also available, so if you are interested, please use them.

For those who are worried about the upset peculiar to women!

[FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] lessons are also recommended for alleviating female-specific disorders. If you have problems unique to women, such as troubles due to hormonal imbalance, dyspareunia, urine leakage, and postpartum style, please try it.

For those with small children, we are waiting for lessons that can be attended with children.

Useful information for [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA]

If you want to start fitness at Sangenjaya [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA]

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701 Palais Grace, 2-55-8 Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0024


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