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Have a fun diet at the gym! For fitness gyms in Sangenjaya, go to [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA]! ~ Such a diet is dangerous ~

Have a fun diet at the gym! For fitness gyms in Sangenjaya, go to [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA]! ~ Such a diet is dangerous ~

At Sangenjaya's fitness gym [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] -Group lessons are also fulfilling-

If you go to the fitness gym at Sangenjaya, please use [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA]. We offer group lessons for women only, and we offer 5 types of classes such as "Beauty Body Makeup", "Sexy Workout", and "Burlesque".

You can not only participate in one class, but also enjoy fitness according to the mood of the day. If you live in Sangenjaya or the surrounding area, please come to [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA].

Diet that should not be done

Diet is a word derived from the ancient Greek word "diaita". “Diaita” has the meaning of lifestyle and lifestyle, and is used in English to mean “adjust the amount and content of food for health management”.

The image of a diet that Japanese people tend to focus on only to lose weight, but that is not the original purpose of the diet.

When starting a diet, it is important not only to focus on weight, but also on healthy diet and physical condition. Just because you want to go on a diet in a short period of time, we don't recommend limiting the amount you eat, putting up with one meal, or eating only certain foods.

You may be undernourished, and your muscle loss may reduce your metabolism, making you less likely to lose weight and more likely to rebound. In addition, if undernourishment continues for a long time, troubles such as irregular menstruation and rough skin are likely to occur. When you start a diet, be aware of calories and nutritional balance, rather than drastically reducing the amount of food you eat. If you add exercise on top of that, you can aim for a healthy style.

If you are looking for a fitness gym in Sangenjaya, please use [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA]. We are waiting for you to prepare a lesson that you can enjoy moving your body.

Useful information for [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA]

If you want to start fitness at Sangenjaya [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA]

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701 Palais Grace, 2-55-8 Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0024


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