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Helping Setagaya's fitness gym [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] get femininity! ~ About feminine body shape ~

Helping Setagaya's fitness gym [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] get femininity! ~ About feminine body shape ~

What is a feminine figure? Let's hold down the points before going to the gym.

There are many women who go to the gym and try dieting for various reasons, such as wanting to be cleaner and broader in fashion. However, the wrong dieting method may result in far from a feminine figure. It is necessary to take on the challenge of body make-up while being conscious of femininity because we value appearance. What is a feminine figure in the first place?

A body shape that is sharp overall and has a moderate amount of fat remaining. That is the element that gives the impression of being feminine. In addition, the waist with a fluffy chest and the S-shaped line created with a tight and round hip are also representative of the body shape that creates femininity.

In addition, the neck, which is an important part in the first impression, can create a delicate atmosphere in the whole body. The more you can see the collarbone, the more attractive it becomes.

To bring out the feminine element, it is important to train the inner muscle. Inner muscles cannot be trained with normal muscle training. The point is to consciously train in your daily life. At [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] in Setagaya, trainers will support you in creating a feminine figure. We are waiting for those who go to the fitness gym for the first time as well as those who have rebounded many times.

Fitness at [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA] in Setagaya

-What do you need for body makeup? ~

If you want to go to a fitness gym in Setagaya, please use [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA]. We have a fitness program that aims for femininity.

In order to create a feminine figure, it is important to improve lifestyle habits such as eating, exercising, and sleeping, and not to accumulate stress.

At [FITNESS STUDIO MIKA], we offer unique training such as "Sexy Workout" and "Beauty Body Makeup", so please join us not only in Setagaya but also in the surrounding area.

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